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Canonical Doctors Doctrine
"Grace" (1 Corinthians 4:10) is a sanctifying means of the "holy Spirit" (Mark 13:11); and a virtue of the soul.

Latinem doctrina - Summa metaphysica
La Canonical Doctors Online (at) La Canonical Doctors Online (Lovely affairs)
"Eternal life" (John 5:24) is caused by a sanctifying grace and a grace to finish the race.

Canonical law (at) Canonical law (Adoration chapel work)
"Rabbi, eat" (John 4:31) come share the meal of Israel.

Canonical online (at) Canonical online (Mortal check)
"Summon" (Acts 10:22) thy friends, and the Gospel shalt.

Canonical doctors (at) Canonical doctors (Mobility)
"Transgression" (Romans 11:12) of the wicked supposes a theory of Mosaic "disobedience".

La SCDh (at) la SCDH. (Intellect check)
"Saul, Saul" (Acts 22:7) expressed that the Words of the divine life overflows, on a reason of intellect.

La Canonical law (at) La Canonical law (Protomartyr mission)
"Overboard first to get to the shore" (Acts 28:43) and see that the eternal shores are within reach.

Canonical Environment (at) Canonical Environment (Environment befitting)
"Vicinity of that place" (Acts 28:7) causes our aerospace industry a negativity.

La Canonical Doctors (at) La Canonical Doctors (Analysis of error)
"God's chosen ones" (Colossians 4:12) are not according the error of understanding Trinitarian dogma.

Canonical Order (at) Canonical order. (True human "law")
"Inheritance" (Colossians 4:24) of the latter Gospel, supposes a theology of the virtue.

Doctrine of St. Peter
La St. Peter
"Unfading crown of glory" (1 Peter 5:4) of Marian coronation proves Josephian loyalty to the Holy See, and of St. Peter's universal "key".

2.3.2017 A.D.

La Supreme Pontiff

Doctrine of Supreme Pontiff
"Grace" (1 Corinthians 4:10) is a new law of the Divine order, of angelic and Eucharistic wellspring of diocesan life, and true ministry.

Originalle la Russe

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Doctrine of Spiritual Life - "Crucified out of weakness" (2 Corinthians 13:4), Christ complained of the unrepentant sinners, and of martyrdom of the saints, and of the lack of faith of some apostles.</blockquote>


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